SPARK Hi-Lite GPL 2013 Edition is Available

by Yannick Moy in Language, Formal Verification, Open Source, News – June 4, 2013

AdaCore has published today the new version of SPARK GPL, based on the work done in Hi-Lite project, for SPARK 2014. It is available for the following host configurations:

  • PC/x86 and x86_64
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5, and 6
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion

You can download it from this page.

Be sure to have first a look at the online documentation, which should give you a quick overview of all the changes between previous SPARK GPL releases, or last year's GNATprove GPL 2012 release, and this one.

The first chapter (Getting Started) is a must read! (and not only because we spent some time doing nice snapshots smiley)


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