Christmas Elf Learns SPARK to Automate Toy Delivery by Drone

by Yannick Moy in News – December 14, 2015

To participate in the worldwide effort against global warming, Santa Claus has decided this year to retire his sleight pulled by 1024 reindeers (whose gas emitted at high altitude was threatening to put a premature end to winter season). I have been training some his Christmas elfs to build safe drones which will enter chimneys all over the world to deliver toys to kids. At least some of it is true...

The true part is that AdaCore is partnering with Sogilis and Squadrone System to develop an autopilot for drones which will be certified according to DO-178C avionics standard. I'm currently giving a SPARK training to the software team, which they'll use to formally prove absence of run-time errors and functional properties of the autopilot, to comply with DO-178C objectives. Here is a picture of the Sogilis employee (a.k.a. "Christmas elf") in action:


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